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AGSE-E222-G01 Pneumatic Tire Transportation Base for CF6-80C2L1F & PW4000-94" Engines


• Designed to mate with Shipping Cradle (click on part number link below to find out more) AM-1928-B33 to support CF6-80C2L1F engine
• Also used with Shipping Cradle (click on part number link to find out more) AM-2371-222 to support PW4000-94" engines


• Supported by FWD rigid/AFT steering axles with capacity of 14,000 LBS each and track width of 94” FWD & AFT
• Manual parking brakes provided on both FWD & AFT axles
• Tow bar has 6.25” diameter lunette eye type end with 3” diameter opening
• Integral shock mounts to dampen ground handling shocks & vibrations when transporting separate cradle & engine
• Maximum tow speed is 5 MPH with engine & 15 MPH empty
• Can be moved via forklift with/without cradle & engine

Dimensions & Weights:

Length (wheels center to center): 137.5”
Total Length (with tow bar): 268”
Width (wheels center to center): 94”
Height (wheels down): 52.75”
Height (wheels up): 38.5”
Weight – Base Cradle & Engine (approximate): 17,820 LBS
Weight – Base Only (approximate): 5,020 LBS
Weight – Empty Base & Cradle (approximate): 6,370 LBS

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