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AGSE-D029-G02 Tail Stand Assembly for B767, DC-10 & MD-11 Aircraft

Provides access to the tail section of the DC10, MD11, and B767 Aircraft. The stand includes two optional personnel lifts for access to the sides of the vertical stabilizer and engine inlet. A tool lift is provided to transport tools and aircraft hardware between the working deck and the ground. A track mounted deck retracts to accommodate the tail cone and extends aft when the tail cone is lowered during engine change. The forward end of the stand is contoured and includes sliders to match the aircraft shape. The stand has adjustable pinned legs to accommodate the various aircraft jacked heights. A fixed stairway, with clip-on stair treads is provided to access the deck area. Each stand has either dimpled Aerodeck or smooth Aerodeck with non-skid paint applied. Bumpers are provided on the inboard edges abutting the aircraft. The stand includes casters with swivel locks and brakes for positioning, tow bars, and utilities such as pneumatic, electric, and lighting are also included.

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