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AM-3037 (Shipping Cradle) & AM-3036 (Hydraulic Engine Positioner) for CF6-80C2 & PW4000 Engines


• Designed to accommodate CF6-80C2 & PW4000 engines
• Adjustable vertically from 28” to 76” (top of rail) & laterally of 1.5” (accomplished by turning two hex head screws located on one side of stand directly below rail)

• Capable of pitch, roll, forward & aft movements

o Hydraulic cylinders (controlled by pendant) actuate wire rope cable system to perform such maneuvers
o Forward & aft movement accomplished via roller adapters mounted on rails (or rolling entire stand)
o Heavy duty turnbuckles provided on both wire rope cables (on each side of stand) for adjustment of cable tension

• Foam-filled tires (steerable from both ends) facilitate long distant mobility to/from work areas as well as stability during all axis movements

o Brake lever located on one side of stand

• Other positioners compatible with cradle (click on part number link below to find out more):

o AM-2393 provides 80” vertical lift & accommodates CF6-80C2, PW4000, RB211-524 engines (used on A300, A310, B747, B767, DC-10 & MD-11 aircraft)
o AM-2437 provides 48” vertical lift & accommodates CF6-80C2 & PW4000 engines (used on A300, A310, DC-10 & MD-11 aircraft)

Dimensions & Weight:

Length: 152”
Width: 105”
Height (lowered): 72”
Height (raised): 120”

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