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AM-2805M Low-Profile Shipping Stand for V2500-A1/A5 Engines

Designed to transport, and/or, store the IAE V2500-A1/A5 Engine in a modified QEC Configuration.

The design complies with IAE Specification IAE6R19438. The stand is designed to ship the engine in a height-restricted air shipping mode. With the inlet cowl and exhaust nozzle removed, the engine stand (with engine) can air ship in DC8-55 Aircraft. With the inlet cowl and exhaust nozzle installed, the engine stand is compatible with DC-10, MD11, and B747 Freighters. The engine pins securely into place quickly and easily. Bootstrapping capabilities have been incorporated into the stand design. A document container is secured to the stand for all manuals and documents.

Dimensions & Weight:

Without Engine: 51.0” (Height) x 96.0” (Width) x 125.0” (Length) / 3,700 LBS
With Engine: 79.25” (Height) x 96.0” (Width) x 130.0” (Length) / 10,000 LBS

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