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AM-2305 Manual Bootstrap System for DC-10 & MD-11 Aircraft (used with CF6-80C2 & PW4000 Engines)


• Licensed by Boeing Company to handle CF6-80C2 & PW4000 engines (when installed in cradle) for installation/removal in #1 & #3 wing engine positions

o May be used on #2 engines with high-reaching forklift
o Use (click on part number link to find out more) AM-1741 Powered Bootstrap Kit for tail position #2 on DC-10 aircraft
o Use (click on part number link to find out more) AM-2365 Powered Bootstrap Kit for tail position #2 on MD-11 aircraft

• Includes forward & aft bootstrap beam assemblies, hoist, brackets, hangers, hardware as well as re-usable shipping containers

• Four (4) manually operated chain hoists raise/lower engine (with cradle) to desired locations on pylon or transport base

o Cradle mount brackets tailored to customer specifications

• Basic beam set applicable to either wing or tail positions


• Caster mounted & intended for manual positioning around aircraft in hanger or flight line
• Lifting beams & associated hardware stored in plywood container
• Three (3) powered hoists (with bootstrap adapters) stored in individual containers with steel bases & fiberglass lids
• All containers can be lifted with forklift

Dimensions & Weight:

Forward Bootstrap (without brackets): 92” Length x 3.5” Width x 21.5” Height
Aft Bootstrap (without brackets): 91.5” Length x 4.25” Width x 8.75” Height
Shipping Container (without brackets): 84.25” Length x 25.75” Width x 19.5” Height
Total Weight (container fully loaded): 900 LBS

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