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AM-2302 Inlet Cowl & Tail Cone Installation/Removal Dolly for CF6-80C2 & PW4000-94" Engines


• Designed to accommodate CF6-80C2 & PW4000-94" engines on B747 aircraft

• Other configurations available (click on part number link below to find out more):

o AM-2302N-100 designed to accommodate CFM56-5C & Trent 500/700 engines for A340-200 through -600 & A330 aircraft

• Jack screws provide +/- 3⁰ “pitch” adjustment & +/- 10⁰ “roll” adjustment

• Hand-operated cable winch provides 60” vertical travel

o Axial travel must be accomplished by hand-pushing unit on its casters

• Two 1.75” wide belts securely hold Cowl in place on Dolly during movement


• A-frame tow bar stowable when not in use
• Four (4) swivel-type casters with brakes & swivel locks enable unit for transport around immediate work area
• Maximum towing speed of 3 MPH

Dimensions & Weight:

Assembled: 116” (Height) x 96” (Width) x 107” (Length) / 1,430 LBS
Disassembled (shipping configuration): 62.25” (Height) x 96” (Width) x 107” (Length)

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