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AM-1740 Manual Bootstrap System for DC-10-30 & KC-10 Aircraft


• Licensed by Boeing Company to accommodate engines on DC10-30 series & KC-10 aircrafts
• System is capable of being shipped in a single re-usable container for ground or air transport
• Bootstrap pins engine securely & easily into place
• Often used for hoisting engines by bootstrap method when 90” cable spacing is required
• Proof load not to exceed 12,500 LBS


• Caster mounted control panel intended for manual positioning around aircraft in hanger or flight line
• Lifting beams & associated hardware stored in plywood container
• Three (3) powered hoists (with bootstrap adapters) stored in individual containers with steel bases & fiberglass lids
• All containers can be moved via forklift

Dimensions & Weight:

Length (Overall): 35' 5"
Width (Arms Upright): 17' 11"
Width (Arms Retracted Out): 23' 8"
Height (Arms Upright): 21' 0"
Height (Arms Retracted Out): 22' 0"
Weight (Approximate): 25,000 LBS

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