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AM-1653A Two (2) Bay Engine Overhaul Gantry System for CF6-80C2 Engines


• Supports full QEC engine clotheslining & major module separations for service, maintenance, as well as overhaul operations
• Each bay consists of a double "I" beam load frame with vertical travel of 48"

• Center beam of load frame contains two (2) powered hoists with 3-ton capacity

o Hoists are mounted on own power-driven trolleys enabling hoist to traverse length of load frame
o Outboard beams of load frame equipped with fourteen (14) non-powered each with load capacity of 2-tons

• Other configurations also available (click on part number links below to find out more) which may be expanded to an unlimited total number of bays:

o AM-1589A Six (6) Bay System
o AM-1589B Three (3) Bay System
o AM-1697 One (1) Bay System
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