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AM-1589A 6 Bay Bridge-Type Overhaul Gantry System


• Provides full QEC engine clotheslining & major module separations for service, maintenance & overhaul operations

o Optional tooling for CFM-56 engine
o May be adaptable to other engine types with addition of applicable tooling

• Three independent workstations per gantry span

o Multiple spans possible per gantry system
o Storage area rail assemblies often included into gantry design

• Load frame (one assembly per bay) is main support for all powered hoists, manual trolleys, hangers & necessary hardware

o Each load frame assembly capable of vertical travel of 73"
o Center beam of load frame (mounted on own powered trolley for lateral movement) contains two powered hoists of 6,000 LBS capacity each
o Two outboard beams of load frame (equipped with four non-powered trolleys) with load capacity of 4,000 LBS each
o Standard equipment for each outboard beam includes fluorescent light fixtures
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