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AM-1192-80E1 Gantry Type Split Engine Shipping & Assembly System for CF6-80E1 Engines


• Licensed by GE Aviation
• Self-contained system supports CF6-80E1 engines (used on A330-300 aircraft) in split configuration during remote site changeout
• Suitable for air shipment (with split engine) on A330-300 aircraft
• Includes relevant tools required for field assembly, disassembly & shipment of engine
• Includes removable ground handling mounts & bootstrap points
• Occupies four (4) pallet positions during air shipment

• Main components consist of:

o Fan Shipping Fixture (AGSE-C006-G01) for air/truck transport of fan
 Rests on four (4) adjustable leveling feet & positions fan upright to mate with core

o Self-Erecting Gantry (AM-1200-80-100) for major module removal/replacement operations
 Allows more flexibility for alignment adjustments
 Shares pallet with Light Weight Breakdown Stand

o Core Shipping Stand (AM-1963-E1-100) for bootstrap operations & air/truck transport of split core engine section

o Lightweight Breakdown Stand (AM-1965-E1-100) for site transport between pylon & gantry
 Bootstrap capability incorporated for A330-300 pylon

• Other configurations available (click on part number links below to find out more):

o AM-1192-6/50 accommodates CF6-6/-50 engines
o AM-1192-50 accommodates CF6-50 engines
o AM-1192-80A/80C2 accommodates CF6-80A3 & CF6-80C2A engines


• Four (4) caster assemblies support gantry, light weight breakdown stand & core shipping stand

o Each caster assembly offers polyurethane tread wheels, swivel locks & brakes

• Can be towed from both ends with two-piece tow bar
• Maximum towing speed for entire stand (with engine) is 3 MPH (5 Km/h)

Dimensions & Weight:

AGSE-C006-G01 Fan Fixture: 125.0” Length x 106.6” Width x 64.5” Height / 6,275 LBS
AM-1200-80-100 Gantry (Erected): 160.0” Length x 156.0” Width x 203.0” Height
AM-1200-80-100 Gantry (Stowed): 125.0” Length x 96.0” Width x 64.0” Height / 8,500 LBS (with Pallet, Tools & Light Weight Stand)
AM-1963-E1-100 Core Shipping Stand: 125.0” Length (with Casters Retracted) x 96.0” Width x 65.0” Height / 10,750 LBS (with Pallet & Core)
AM-1965-E1-100 Light Weight Breakdown Stand (Without Engine / Erected): 115.0” Length x 102.0” Width x 71.0” Height / 1,025 LBS
AM-1965-E1-100 Light Weight Breakdown Stand (With CF6-80E1 Engine): 166.0” Length x 106.0” Width x 121.0” Height / 13,000 LBS

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