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AM-1169 B727 Nose Dock

The AM-1169 Nose Dock has been designed to provide access to the radome and windshield of a Boeing B727 jacked or unjacked aircraft. Fold down handrails are provided so the radome may swing open and permit access to the radar unit. The upper level of the Nose Dock is for access to the windshield area for maintenance and service. The stand is positioned to the aircraft on 4 swivel casters with locks and brakes. Two steering arms are supplied to make docking easier and to avoid damaging the aircraft. Protective bumpers of a minimum of 3" OD are fastened to the stand where aircraft contact may take place. The vertical adjustment available in this piece of equipment is by means of a telescoping leg assembly and manually pinned in increments to be specified by the customer.
Decking is of a non-skid material called aero deck and is a product of AGSE Corporation. It can be supplied galvanized or painted finish. Samples will be supplied on request.
1. Air outlets with manifolds
2. Air regulators for painting
3. Electrical outlets
4. Lights

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