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AM-1166 - AM-1167 B727 Fuselage Stand

The AM-1166 AFT Fuselage and AM-1167 FWD Fuselage Stands have been designed to provide access to the B727-200 aircraft at the floor level and ceiling level for general maintenance, overhaul and painting. Both the forward and aft stands cantilever over the wing and provide a continuous walkway from the Nose Dock to the rear door on each side of the aircraft. Flooring and stair steps are of steel, non-skid decking called aero deck. The decking can be manufactured from galvanized steel or can be primed and painted.
Protective bumpers follow the contour of the aircraft and protect the skin during positioning. Safety chains and 42" high handrails are attached the full length of all walkways. Swivel casters with steering arms, tow bars and brakes are provided with each stand for positioning to the aircraft. Vertical adjustment of the stand will allow access to a jacked or unjacked aircraft. Adjustment is by telescoping leg assemblies, manually pinning to attain the desired elevation. The low position of both stands is determined by an O.E.W. aircraft and the high position by the clearance required for a normal gear retraction.
1. Air outlets with manifolds
2. Air regulators for painting
3. Electrical outlets
4. Lights

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