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AM-1141 DC-10 Center Engine Access Stand (Adaptable for Usage on MD-11

The AM-1141 Center Engine Access Stand is designed to accommodate the proper access to the DC-10 aircraft #2 engines. The unit is adjustable for usage with the MD-11 series aircraft. This application also includes the USAF KC-10 Tanker series aircraft. The access stand is compatible with all powered bootstrap hoists for engine removal and does not require repositioning during that operation.
Also Reference AM-1245 and AM-1962 Center Engine Access Stands
While the stand is adjustable to the MD-11 aircraft, it was originally designed to accommodate the DC-10. For this reason, due to the larger tail cone on the MD-11, the tail cone MUST BE LOWERED and locked in the down position prior to positioning the stand up to the aircraft.

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