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AGSE-Y008-G01 Split Engine System for CF6-80E1 Engines


• Designed for remote site changeout of CF6-80E1 engines in split configuration

• Three (3) major components make up system, along with relevant tools required for field assembly, disassembly, & shipment

o Storage containers & restraint provisions provided for all components

• Complete kit is designed to occupy four (4) pallet positions in split configuration

o No single pallet will exceed floor loading specifications for above aircraft

• Main components consist of:

Fan Shipping Fixture (AGSE-C006-G01)

• Designed specifically for air/truck shipment of CF6-80E1 fan
• Fixture mounted on 96" x 125" pallet & equipped with stowable shock mounts for truck shipping

• Pallet mounted brackets with spreader bar included for fixture rotation between split/shipping positions

o Fixture rests on four adjustable leveling feet in split position
o Fan positioned upright to mate with core

Self-Erecting Gantry (AM-1200-80-100)

• Designed for complete major module removal & replacement operations
• Ease of use allows more flexibility for alignment as well as highly simplified alignment adjustments (not typically inherent in floor-mounted rail systems)
• Multi-purpose system used for individual module replacement in field to potentially eliminate need to ship complete engines
• Gantry shares pallet with Light Weight Breakdown Stand (AM-1965-E1-100) & tooling storage container

Core Shipping Stand (AM-1963-E1-100)

• Designed for handling full QEC engine & split core engine section for bootstrapping

o Aft end of core secured by trunnion mounts
o Forward end fitted with core locating ring & secured by adjustable forward mount adapters

Light Weight Breakdown Stand (AM-1965-E1-100)

• Designed for remote site handling of failed engine for local transport between pylon & gantry

o Engine secured to stand with forward & aft ground handling mounts
o Bootstrapping capabilities incorporated for A330-300 pylon

• Supported by four (4) casters with swivel locks & face brakes

o Tow bars included


• Four (4) caster assemblies support each of gantry, light weight breakdown stand, & core shipping stand
• Each caster assembly offers polyurethane tread wheels, swivel locks, & brakes
• Towable from both ends with a two-piece tow bar
• Maximum towing speed (with engine) is 5 Km/h or 3 MPH

Dimensions & Weight:

Fan Shipping Fixture (AGSE-C006-G01): 125.0” (Length) x 106.6” (Width) x 64.5” (Height) / 6,275 LBS
Self-Erecting Gantry (AM-1200-80-100) Erected: 160.0” (Length) x 156.0” (Width) x 203.0” (Height)
Self-Erecting Gantry (AM-1200-80-100) Stowed: 125.0” (Length) x 96.0” (Width) x 64.0” (Height) / 8,550 LBS (with pallet, tools, & lightweight stand)
Core Shipping Stand (AM-1963-E1-100): 125.0” (Length with casters retracted) x 96.0” (Width) x 65.0” (Height) / 10,750 LBS (with pallet & core)
Light Weight Breakdown Stand (AM-1965-E1-100) erected without engine: 71.0” (Height) x 102.0” (Width) x 115.0” (Length) / 1,025 LBS
Light Weight Breakdown Stand (AM-1965-E1-100) with CF6-80E1 engine: 121.0” (Height) x 106.0” (Width) x 166.0” (Length) / 13,000 LBS

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