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AGSE-V133-G03 Accessory Drive System for AGSE-E166, AGSE-E184 & AGSE-E215 Roll-Over Stands


• Intended for use on the following rollover engine stands (click on part number links below to find out more):

o AGSE-E166-G02/03 for Trent 900 engines
o AGSE-E184-G02 (11C3359P02) for GEnx-1B engines
o AGSE-E215-G01 (11C4319P01) for GEnx-2B engines
o Stanley/Hydro Trent 1000

• AC powered, requiring input power source of 230 VAC, single-phase, 60 Hz

• Consists of:

o Adjustable height cart with casters & wheel brakes
o Motor assembly
o Motor control unit
o Control pendant
o Drive shaft

• Motor assembly includes torque limiter coupling (in order to prevent output shaft from rotating) should rollover mechanism stop for any reason
• Motor control unit & control pendant equipped with emergency stop buttons
• Intended for indoor storage

o May be used outdoors but not in inclement weather
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