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AGSE-T073-G03 Inlet Cowl Dolly for CFM56-3 & CFM56-7 Engines


• Supports CFM56-3 & CFM56-7 engine inlet cowls during installation/removal
• Other configurations available (click on part number links below to find out more):

o AGSE-T073-G01 for CFM56-3 engine
o AGSE-T073-G02 for CFM56-7 engine
o AGSE-T073-G04 for LEAP 1B engine

• Inlet straps secures engine quickly & easily
• Leveling jacks included to accommodate various engine heights
• Upgraded screw jack drive
• Redesigned version of AM-1940 dolly (full model no longer available, but select spare parts available upon request)
• Empty stand folds to minimize shipping volume
• Can be shipped in lower cargo compartment of B737 aircraft


• Supported by three (3) caster assemblies

o Each assembly offers 1.5” wide x 6” diameter wheel for easy mobility & weight capacity of 840 LBS each

• Shock-absorbing polyurethane tread wheels, position locks, & face brakes
• Intended for local positioning by hand & does not include tow bar

Dimensions* & Weight:

Folder (Empty): 70.0" (Length) x 36.5" (Width) x 26.0" (Height) / 146 LBS
Extended (Empty): 66.0" (Length) x 95.0" (Width) x 26.0” (Height) / 146 LBS
With Inlet: 66.0” (Length) x 98.0” (Width) x 94.0” (Height) / 400 LBS

*All dimensions are with casters retracted

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