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AGSE-M123 Range Simulation and Diagnostic Station (RSDS)

Provides a climactically clean room environment housing instrumentation and equipment for the purpose of supporting the ABL Test Program. The RSDS is designed to be used in conjunction with the AGSE-M122 Turret Maintenance and Conditioning Platform (TMCP).
The RSDS is supported by a Rolling Base that is fabricated primarily from structural grade tube steel. The Rolling Base is horizontally cross-braced to ensure square alignment of the vertical lift system. Four (4) ton capacity floor jacks are mounted to the rolling base to stabilize the structure. The floor jacks feature hand crank operation of a worm gear and acme screw actuator with swivel-mounted shoes.
The RSDS features a 10,000 clean room with a separately partitioned gowning area. A sliding door separates the two rooms. The environment of both rooms is climactically controlled by a system made up of a air conditioner, humidifier, blower and HEPA filters. The rooms also feature fluorescent lighting, insulated walls, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers and power outlets. The clean room has a pendant control for vertical and horizontal motion and communication headsets that can be plugged in at various locations.

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