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AGSE-L043-G02 (11C4647P01) Single Point Universal Lift Fixture Full Engine or Propulsor for GEnx-2B


• Designed to lift GEnx-2B engine/propulsor

• Following configurations also available (click on part number link below to find out more):

o AGSE-L043-G01 (11C4640P01) designed to lift GEnx-1B engine/propulsor
o AGSE-L043-G03 (11C4648P01) designed to lift GEnx-1B & GEnx-2B engines/propulsors

• Consists of main center beam, FWD beam, & AFT beam

o FWD beam equipped with turnbuckles to accommodate full engine & propulsor lift configuration
o AFT beam equipped with two (2) fixed length AFT cables

• Adjustable lifting ring on sling allows CG adjustment FWD & AFT while FWD turnbuckles adjust in length to facilitate CG side-to-side adjustment
• Manual adjusting tool provided to adjust CG FWD & AFT while FWD turnbuckles facilitate side-to-side adjustment

• Maximum load capacity of 25,000 LBS

o Overhead crane required for use with sling

• Optional storage shipping container

Dimensions & Weight:

• 130.25” (Length) x 88” (Width) x 100.53” (Height – Fully Deployed) / 2,359 LBS

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