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AGSE-L038-G03 (11C4484P03) Sling for GEnx & Trent Engines


• Designed to lift GEnx or Trent engines while positioned in the following Transportation Stands (click on part number links below to find out more):

o AGSE-E175-G03 (11C4300P02) with GEnx-2B engine
o AGSE-E175-G04 (11C4487P02) with GEnx-1B engine
o AGSE-E176-G03 (11C4349P01) with GEnx-2B engine
o AGSE-E176-G04 (11C3443P03) with GEnx-1B engine
o AGSE-E184-G02 (11C3359P02) with GEnx-1B engine
o AGSE-E215-G01 (11C4319P01) with GEnx-2B engine
o AGSE-E082/-E079 with Trent 700 & 500 engines
o AGSE-E082/-E075 with Trent 700 & 500 engines
o AGSE-E166-G02 with Trent 900 engines
o AGSE-E166-G03 with Trent 900 engines
o AGSE-E132/-E133 with Trent 900 engines

• Consists of main center beam with two (2) fixed length legs forward & two (2) adjustable cables aft that attach to lifting points incorporated on transportation stand

• Center of Gravity (CG) adjustment features include:

o Lifting ring & aft cables
o Manual-adjusting tool provided for side-to-side CG adjustment

• Maximum load capacity of 32,000 LBS
• Overhead crane required for use
• Recommended minimum crane specifications are 20-ton lifting capacity & 17’ upper hook elevation in order to remove the stand/engine from the deck of the truck trailer
• Storage container provided

Dimensions & Weight:

• 129.75” (Length) x 10” (Width) x 160” (Fully Deployed Height) / 1,950 LBS

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