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AGSE-L033-G01 (11C4542P01) Lift Beam Set for GEnx-1B & GEnx-2B Engines


• Designed to lift engines while positioned in the following Transportation Stands (click on part number link below to find out more):

o AGSE-E175-G03 / 11C4300P02 (with GEnx-2B engine)
o AGSE-E175-G04 / 11C4487P02 (with GEnx-1B engine)
o AGSE-E184-G02 / 11C3359P02 (with GEnx-1B engine)

• Consists of two (2) spreader beam assemblies required to be picked up by two (2) separate cranes

o Each beam capable of lifting 22,000 LBS for combined load of 44,000 LBS

• Each beam consists of two (2) structural steel channels separated by three (3) plates:

o Central lifting plate
o Two (2) swiveling leg weldments

• Attached to leg weldments are wire rope cable assemblies connected by commercial-grade 8.5-ton anchor shackles

o Lifting eye for beam set is also commercial-grade 12-ton anchor shackle

Dimensions & Weight:

Length: 123”
Width: 10”
Height (Fully Deployed): 144”
Height (Stowed): 18”
Weight: 1,000 LBS

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