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AGSE-E291-G01 Transport Stand for PW1500G Engines


• Licensed by Pratt & Whitney for transportation of PW1500G engines podded assembly (P-QUAD) for installation on A220 aircraft
• Consists of supporting stand, transportation cover, & stairs for access during engine installation
• Supporting base & cradle frames designed with shock-absorbing supports to dampen transportation forces
• Removed engine & cowl components stored in Pylon Cart (AGSE-C131-G01) accompanying container system during transportation
• Storage boxes provided inside container for engine installation supports & links
• Viewing window for inspection & external document box for manuals/documents included


• Empty/loaded container can be moved with forklift using the 5.5” x 13.5” fork tube openings (spaced at 70” along base side frame)

o Forklift tines must have minimum extension length of 104” & capacity of 60” minimum load center
o Forklift must have capacity to lift stand with full engine

• Sixteen (16) tie-down rings mounted about perimeter of base frame used to secure container to flatbed air-ride trailer during transportation
• Lifting lugs & eyelets included in design of container cover & stairs for removal/ assembly

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