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AGSE-E262-G02 (PWA211430A) Transportation Stand for PW1100G & PW1400G Engines


• Licensed by Pratt & Whitney for air/truck transport or storage of PW1100G & PW1400G engines in QEC configuration (ready for installation) without inlet

o NOT applicable for shipping full QEC engines with inlet installed
o Accommodates full engines (with inlet) for storage only

• Suitable for air shipment on main decks of A300F*, A310F*, A330F*, B747F, B767F*, B777F, DC-10F*, MD-11F*, C-130, L-100, CL-44, An-22, An-124, An-225 & IL-76 aircraft

o *May require engine inlet, tail cone & flight mount to be removed
o Hydraulic system positions cradle up/down to allow air shipment on wide range of freighters

• Bootstrap adapters support engine during removal/installation from/to transportation stand or aircraft
• Component storage box secured to base for all mounts & adapters

• Other configurations also available (click on part number link below to find out more):

o Engine Transportation Stand (for Engine without Inlet): AGSE-E259-G02 (PWA211330)


• Numerous tie down rings located on base to secure stand to truck trailer for truck shipment

• Can be moved via forklift from either side & towed from either end (with engine & inlet)

o Forklift blockers on front forklift pocket prevent damage to fan case with cradle in lower position

• Integral shock mounts dampen ground handling loads & vibrations

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