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AGSE-E248-G01 (956A1611P01) Core Module Shipping Container for LEAP-1A, LEAP-1B & LEAP-1C Engines


• Designed in for LEAP-1A/-1C & LEAP-1B aircraft engines
• Equipped with FWD strongback to support rotor radially & act as rotor lock to prevent rotation
• Shock mounts minimize transmission of damaging loads during truck/air transportation
• Stacks 2-High


• 2.75” x 11.5” forklift tubes positioned within base & located to best center CG with/without components in place
• Unit can be raised from either side

Other Configurations:
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AGSE-E248-G02 or 956A1611P02
• Stacks 3-high

AGSE-E248-G03 or 956A1611P03
• Stacks 3-high
• Additional hardware storage & improved FOD prevention

Dimensions & Weight:

• 76.5” Length x 47” Width x 32.5” Height / 320 LBS

• 105.5” Length x 59” Width x 42.75” Height / 732 LBS

• 105.5” Length x 59” Width x 42.75” Height / approximately 1,786 LBS

Stacked (2-High):
• 105.5” Length x 59” Width x 58.9” Height / approximately 3,572 LBS

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