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AGSE-E241-G01 (PWA115246) P-Quad Dolly for PW1524G Engines


• Assists in removal of fully podded PW1500G engine from monorail-mounted assembly fixture
• Interfaces with MGV (Manually Guided Vehicle) that moves entire assembly to Bombardier aircraft assembly for installation on wing of regional jet
• Consists of base & cradle assembly
• Interfaces with the following Transportation Stands for engine installation (click on part number link below to find out more):

o Engine Transportation Stand with Manual Casters: AGSE-E221-G02 (PWA109807)
o Engine Transportation Stand with Hydraulic Casters: AGSE-E221-G03 (PWA115193)

• Other configurations available (click on part number link below to find out more):

o AGSE-E241-G02


• May be moved by one or more ‘tuggers’ or standard tow vehicle
• Four (4) shock-absorbing swivel casters (each with 5,000 LB-rated capacity) contain swivel locks & brakes
• Maximum towing speed of 3 MPH
• Steering bars provided to swivel casters for maneuvering or to engage swivel lock
• No forklift provisions

Dimensions & Weight:

Cradle: 87.40” Length x 38.74” Height x 53.5” Width / 1,000 LBS
Base: 222” Length x 99” Width x 44” Height / 3,000 LBS

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