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AGSE-E196-G01 (9446M34P01) Truck Transport Stand Propulsor Only for GEnx-1B & GEnx-2B Engines


• Designed for truck transportation of GEnx-1B & GEnx-2B propulsor only

• Inner Cradle (AGSE-E19602-P02) supported on elastomeric shear mounts to protect engine from vibration during shipment

o Not removable from Base (AGSE-E19701-P01) frame

• Anti-skid tape provided on all surfaces where personnel may stand
• Tie-down rings included on base frame so shipping stand can be secured with chains to truck bed
• Base frame suitable for stacking (for transport & storage)
• Four (4) hoist plates located on inner cradle to lift stand with propulsor installed (using overhead hoist)


• Can be towed from forward or aft ends when installed on (click on part number links below to find out more):

o Pneumatic Tire Dolly: AGSE-E197-G01 (9446M34P02)
o Caster Shop Dolly: AGSE-E197-G02 (9446M34P02)

• Suitable for shop & local facility long-range towing
• Maximum towing speed of 8 km/hr or 5 MPH

• 5.5” x 13.5” fork tubes are accessible from either side of the stand

o Fork truck can be used to lift propulsor onto stand

Dimensions & Weight:

Length: 180”
Width: 99”
Height: 52.76”
Empty Weight: 5,000 LBS
Weight with GEnx-1B: 15,400 LBS
Weight with GEnx-2B: 14,700 LBS

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