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AGSE-E102-G04/-G05 (9C6025P04/P05) Up-Lift Propulsor Air/Truck Shipping Stand for GE90-94B & GE90-115B Engines


The Shipping Stand is designed to transport the GE90-94B & GE90-115B engines. Air transport of the propulsor only is suitable on the main decks of B747F, B767F, B777F, C-130, CL-44, AN-22, AN-124, AN-225, and IL-76 freighter aircraft. Air transport of a full engine, -115B without an inlet, is possible only on specialized large freighter aircrafts such as AN-124 & AN-225.

AGSE-E102-G04 consists of a Transportation Base (AGSE-E107-G01) & Shipping Cradle (AGSE-E108-G03). The AGSE-E102-G05 stand consists of the same Transportation Base and Shipping Cradle (AGSE-E108-G04). Shock mounts are installed between the Base & Cradle to handle vibrations and shocks during transportation. The Cradle separates from the Base during bootstrapping for an engine change. The Cradle may be raised or lowered to accommodate transport and or fan separate/mate requirements.

Integral to the Base are four (4) jacks for leveling, stabilizing, and raising the Stand to retract casters. The jacks are operated by a manual hydraulic pump. Integral to the cradle is a hydraulic cable lift system operated by a manual pump and/or optional air-operated hydraulic pump. Forward mount adapters for both -94B and -115B engines are stored at the FWD RH corner on the base.

The Stand is permanently attached to a 96” x 196” pallet. The pallet has a special cutout for clearance with the fan case. All production cradle bootstrap hoist brackets are proof loaded to a minimum of two (2) times the working load. The tie-down rings on the Base may be used for lifting or maneuvering the Stand with the engine in place.

The Stand is supported by four shock-absorbing caster assemblies with brakes and swivel locks. The casters must be retracted for truck or air transport. The Stand has provisions for securing a trailer. There are tie-down rings located on the base to secure the stand to a trailer for shipment.

AGSE-E102-G05 (9C6025P05) is specifically designed for Air France

Compatibility (click on part number links to find out more):

• Protective Propulsor Covers: 9C1104P03 & 9C1104P04
• Engine Shipping Stand Lift Fixture: 9C6021G04
• Multi-Purpose Sling: AM-2872-100
• Fan Case Transfer Stand: AGSE-E100-G01 (9C6030P01)
• Pneumatic Tire Dollies: AGSE-E111-G02 (9C6032P02) & AGSE-E111-G04 (9C6032P04)
• Fan Case Transport Dolly: AGSE-E167-G01

Dimensions & Weight:

Empty (Cradle Raised & Casters Stowed):

o 70.7" (Height*) x 223.5" (Length) x 102" (Width) / 8,800 LBS

With Propulsor (plus Exhaust Nozzle):

o GE90-94B: 99.7" (Height*) x 262.5" (Length) x 102" (Width) / 22,200 LBS
o GE90-115B: 99.7" (Height*) x 262.5" (Length) x 102" (Width) / 23,300 LBS

With Full Engine (without Inlet):

o GE90-94B: 160" (Height*) x 273" (Length) x 154" (Width) / 26,200 LBS
o GE90-115B: 160" (Height*) x 273" (Length) x 156" (Width) / 28,200 LBS

With Full Engine (with Inlet):

o GE90-94B**: 164" (Height*) x 318" (Length) x 154" (Width) / 28,000 LBS
o GE90-115B: 174" (Height*) x 328" (Length) x 164" (Width) / 30,100 LBS

*Add 7" for casters
**Towing only

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