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AGSE-E021 Air/Truck Shipping Stand for PW2000, PW4000-94" & JT9D-7R4 Engines


• Licensed by Pratt & Whitney for air/truck transport or storage of PW2000, PW4000 & JT9D-7R4 engines in QEC configuration
• Suitable for air shipment on main decks of B747, DC10 & MD11 freighter aircraft
• Bootstrap capable (with alternate lifting devices) to support engine during removal/installation from/to B747, B757 & B767 aircraft
• External shipping shock mounts cushion shipping vibrations & shocks during truck transport
• Cradle separates from base


• Base supported by four (4) shock absorbing caster assemblies

o Each caster assembly offers 5” wide x 10” diameter wheel for easy mobility & weight capacity of 5,000 LBS each
o Shock absorbing polyurethane tread wheels, position locks & face brakes are standard
o Designed to pin in elevated position for air/truck transport of entire stand

• Can be towed (with engine) from either end

o Tow bar stows on stand when not in use

• Maximum towing speed for dolly (with engine) is 3 MPH (5 Km/h)

• External truck shipping shock mounts cushion truck shipping vibrations & shocks

o Shock mounts store on stand when not in use

Dimensions* & Weight:

Without Engine: 70.0” Height x 102.0” Width x 125.0” Length / 5,000 LBS
With PW2000 Engine: 101.0” Height x 102.0” Width x 222.0” Length / 13,600 LBS
With PW4000 Engine: 101.0” Height x 102.0” Width x 238.0” Length / 16,100 LBS
With JT9D-7R4 Engine: 101.0” Height x 102.0” Width x 232.0” Length / 15,200 LBS
*All dimensions with casters retracted (add 4” to heights with casters extended)

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