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AGSE-D104 Maintenance Dock System for A320 & B737 Aircraft

The AGSE-D104 Maintenance Dock System provides complete access to service and maintain B737-200 through -600 and A320 aircraft. This system is comprised of six dock and access stand components which provide the total coverage for the aircraft (see list below). Vertical and horizontal dock adjustment is provided by hand crank drives, motor driven jackscrews, jacking legs, and legs that pin into multiple positions. This allows access for “D” check inspections and maintenance with aircraft jacked to unload the landing gear. Access stairs are amply provided on all components with clip-on stairs compensating for various dock heights. All inboard edges have contour adjustable Aerodeck™ sliders that provide docking clearance and close-up all gaps. Stowable chain handrail is provided for added safety around any open edges and on sliders.
AGSE-D104 Components Included in this System:
Part Number - Description
AGSE-D093-G01 - Nose Dock Half, LH
AGSE-D093-G02 - Nose Dock Half, RH
AGSE-D094-G01 - Forward Fuselage Dock, Bay 5-1, LH
AGSE-D094-G02 - Forward Fuselage Dock, Bay 5-1, RH
AGSE-D094-G03 - Forward Fuselage Dock, Bay 5-2, LH
AGSE-D094-G04 - Forward Fuselage Dock, Bay 5-2, RH
AGSE-D095-G01 - Wing Dock LH w/Fixed Handrail
AGSE-D095-G02 - Wing Dock RH w/Fixed Handrail
AGSE-D095-G03 - Wing Dock LH w/Removable Handrail
AGSE-D095-G04 - Wing Dock RH w/Removable Handrail
AGSE-D096-G01 - Wing Insert Stand, LH
AGSE-D096-G02 - Wing Insert Stand, RH
AGSE-D097-G01 - Tail Dock w/Ramp, LH
AGSE-D097-G02 - Tail Dock w/o Ramp, RH
AGSE-D097-G03 - Tail Dock w/Ramp, LH
AGSE-D097-G04 - Tail Dock w/o Ramp, RH
AGSE-D098-G01 - Aft Fuselage Dock, Bay 5-1, 5-2, LH
AGSE-D098-G02 - Aft Fuselage Dock, Bay 5-1, 5-2, RH

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