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AGSE-D101 Nose/Fuselage Dock for MD-80 & MD-90 Aircraft

One-piece, adjustable height, fixed dock system which provides access to the nose and fuselage of MD80/90 series aircraft. The dock is accessed by three articulating stairways which bolt to the facility’s upper mezzanine level. Two located forward on either side, and one located on the center left hand side. The dock height is adjustable from 87 inches minimum to 129 inches maximum, and is powered by motor driven jackscrews. Sliders are provided on the inboard deck edge. Mechanically driven sliders with articulating bumper ends are provided along the contour of the nose area. Two vertically adjustable finger decks (with sliders) provide
access above the forward wing area. Booms equipped with electrical and air hookups accompany the finger decks, and aid in the handling of cords and hoses. One fixed crown bridge with a vertically adjustable finger deck provides access to the top of aircraft. All finger decks are adjusted using hand-crank cable winches. A boom is provided for cabin door removal. The boom has a 500 Lb. capacity, with air hoist and a hand operated trolley.

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