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AGSE-D037 Dock System for A300-600, DC-10 & MD-11 Aircraft

The AGSE-D037 Modular Dock System provides access to service and maintain the DC10, MD11, and A300-600 Aircraft. Vertical dock adjustment is provided by pin legs spaced at three inch intervals. This will accommodate the various aircraft jacking heights. Access to various deck levels is accomplished by stairs attached to each dock module. ‘Clip-on’ stairs are included to adjust stair height over the vertical travel range of the dock modules. Each module is caster mounted for easy positioning.

Utilities, such as pneumatic, electric, and lighting are included on the various dock modules. The AGSE-D037 configuration consists of the following modules:

Part Number Quantity Description
AM-1156-600 1 Lower Deck Cargo Stand (Forward)
AM-1156-627 1 Lower Deck Cargo Stand (Aft)
AM-1410M-101 1 Horizontal Stabilizer Stand (LH)
AM-1410M-102 1 Horizontal Stabilizer Stand (RH)
AGSE-D009-G01 1 Four Section Wing Dock (LH and RH)
AGSE-D010-G01 1 Main Deck Cargo Stand
AGSE-D011-G01 1 Air Conditioning Access Stand
AGSE-D025-G01 1 Wheel Well Stand
AGSE-D029-G01 1 Tail Stand
AGSE-D030-G01 1 Nose Dock
AGSE-D033-G01 1 Wing Root Filler Stand (LH)
AGSE-D033-G02 1 Wing Root Filler Stand (RH)

The design, construction, and integrity of the dock system is in accordance with customer plans and specifications, and conform to applicable codes and standards. These codes include Uniform
Building Code (UBC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as adopted by California.

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