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AGSE-C059-G01/-G02 (PWA107323/PWA107325) Engine Components Shipping Container for GP7200 Engine


• Designed to accommodate engine components of GP7200 engine to/from work/installation locations in safe & secure matter

• Components consist of:

o 1 x Acoustic splitter
o 1 x Front fairing
o 1 x HPT AOC duct
o 1 x LPT AOC duct (2076M44)
o 2 x ACC valves
o 1 x VMU
o 1 x OCU
o 1 x Bifurcation assembly
o 1 x Bridge bracket lower aft fairing
o 2 x ACC elbows
o 1 x VFG inlet scoop & heat shield
o 1 x AOC inlet scoop & heat shield

• Watertight fiberglass cover secured in place on metal-fabricated base assembly

o Includes document storage receptacle & view port
o Four (4) hoist rings built into top & utilized in removal/installation of only cover

• Interior structure consists of many segregated pockets/receptacle areas to facilitate safe & proper support of items
• Special foam incorporated in several areas of container to secure/safe-guard individual components


• Forklift tubes positioned within base & located to best center CG with/without components in place

o Fork truck movement requirements possible from either side of unit

Dimensions & Weight:

Combined Fiberglass Cover & Metal Base: 125.0” (Length) x 88.0” (Width) x 56.0” (Height) / 3,600 LBS

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