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AGSE-B015-G01/-G02 Manual Bootstrap System for C-5M Aircraft (used with CF6-80C2L1F Engine)


• Licensed by Boeing Company to adapt and attach to the CF6-80C2L1F engine (with cradle) for installation and removal of wing engine position on C-5M aircraft
• Aft bootstrap beam assemblies, brackets, hangers, attaching hardware, and re-usable shipping container are included in kit
• Air powered chain hoists (4) raise/lower engine with cradle to desired locations on pylon or transport base
• Cradle mount brackets tailored to customer’s specific cradle
• Basic beam set is applicable to either wing or tail positions
• Beam assemblies and all related parts/hardware are stored in watertight reusable container that can be carried by forklift


Forward Bootstrap Beam Assembly: 92” (Length) x 3.5” (Width) x 21.5” (Height)
Aft Bootstrap (without Brackets): 91.5” (Length) x 4.25” (Width) x 8.75” (Height)
Shipping Container (without Brackets): 54” (Length) x 50” (Width) x 19.5” (Height)
Total Weight (Container Fully Loaded): 350 LBS

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