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AGSE-B008 Manual Bootstrap System for A300-B2/-B4 & DC-10-30 Aircraft (used with CF6-6 & CF6-50 Engines)


• Licensed by Boeing Company to install/remove CF6-6 & CF6-50 engines (when supported by commercial engine cradles) to/from DC-10-30 & A300-B2/-B4 aircraft
• Consists of parts consolidated from both DC-10-30 & A300-B2/-B4 bootstrap systems (with duplicate parts omitted)

• Can be used on DC-10-30 tail engines (engine # 2), when following “short stroke” engine change procedure

o Procedure requires forklift platform to raise engine cradle within 6’ of tail pylon


• Lifting beams & associated hardware stored in plywood container

o Container skid mounted & can be lifted by forklift

Dimensions & Weight:

Container (with Components): 18.75” Height x 25.25” Width x 88.00” Length

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