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9C6009G03/G04 Fan Blades, Spinner & Components Shipping Container for GE90 Engine


• Designed to transport fan blades, spinner, & components sections of GE90 engine to/from work/installation locations in safe & secure manner

• Offers watertight fiberglass cover secured in place on metal-fabricated base assembly

o Document storage receptacle included
o Four (4) hoist rings built into top to be utilized in removal/installation of cover only

• Components consist of:

o 22 x fan blades
o 1 x one-piece fan rotor spinner assembly
o 22 x fan blade platforms
o 22 x fan blade spacers
o 22 x fan rotor retainers
o 5 x acoustic panels
o 10 x bleed air deflector panels
o 1 x bi-furcation assembly
o 1 x drains mast assembly
o 1 x vent tube
o 1 x air duct section

• Interior structure consists of many segregated pockets/receptacle areas to facilitate safe & proper support of items

o Fan blades, fan blade platforms, & blades have designated storage pockets each identified by sequential number to keep all components in recognizable & immediately accessible format
o Special foam incorporated in container to secure/cushion individual components

• Fan rotor spinner securely attached to vertically supported ring mounting plate

o Mounting plate removable from storage support weldment location to help in installation/removal of two spinner components
o Forward & aft sections of component bolt securely onto ring mounting plate


• Forklift tubes positioned within base & located to best center CG with/without component in place
• Fork truck movement requirements possible from either side of unit

Dimensions & Weight:

Combined (Fiberglass Cover & Metal Base): 125” (Length) x 88.0” (Width) x 56.0” (Height) / 3,600 LBS

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