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342100-1 GP7200 All purpose Shipping system

  • Shock mitigated shipping system. 
  • Designed to carry the full engine or engine propulsor during truck shipment.  
  • Designed to ship the engine propulsor in a 747 without removing the bi-fi or flight mounts. 
  • Facilitates fan case removal for 747 shipment.  After engine installation the stand can be removed from the front or rear of the aircraft. 
  • Four sixteen inch shock absorbing casters swivel inboard/outboard for clearance and easy deployment.
  • Each caster has the capability of separate manual steering.  Towbar that is capable of steering the unit from ether end and is stored directly on the unit.
  • Raising/lowering of the system is accomplished by using jack screws eliminating the problems of hydraulic leaks and cylinder bleed down associated with a hydraulic system.
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