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220530-300, Boeing 747 Towbar

Boeing 747 Aircaft Tow Bar
The towbar is used for towing and steering the aircraft by attaching to the aircraft's Nose Landing Gear (NLG) and being pulled by a tow tractor. The towbar primarily consists of a cylindrical steel body. At one end of the tow bar is a lunette eye, which connects to the tow tractor. The lunette eye is equipped with a shock absorbing mechanism to reduce the shock load on the NLG. At the opposite end of the towbar is a mechanical head assembly, which connects to the aircraft NLG. The towbar is mounted on either a fixed or an articulated undercarriage with a hydraulic pump and a retract spring which raises and lowers the towbar. The Stanley 220530 towbar is used for towing B747 aircraft.

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