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220230-1 Tow Bar Assembly for A300 & B727 Aircraft


• Used for towing/steering A300 & B727 aircraft by attaching to nose landing gear (NLG) while pulled by tow tractor
• Consists of lunette eye at forward (tow tractor) end of round tube body, handle & skeg at each end as well as adapter/head assembly at aft (aircraft) end

o Shock-mounted lunette eye using elastomeric discs
o Adapter includes spare shear pin replacement kit

• Mounted on articulated undercarriage with hydraulic pump & cylinder as well as retractable spring (to raise/lower tow bar)

Undercarriage & Wheels:

o Bolt-on undercarriage with pneumatic tires provides mobility for trailing tow bar behind tow tractor
o Undercarriage mounting allows axial rotation of tow bar body for alignment of head with aircraft tow fitting

Hydraulic Pump & Cylinder:

o Hydraulic pump mounted on tow bar body to raise unit to required height to attach to aircraft nose landing gear (NLG)
o Hydraulic cylinder mounted on left side of tow bar body to extend wheels when raising unit

Retract Spring:

o Mounted on right side of tow bar body to retract wheels off ground during aircraft towing operations

• Other configurations available (click on part number links below to find out more):

o 220200-1
o 220200-168
o 220230-100
o 220230-168
o 220230-181


• Maximum aircraft towing speed of 5 MPH (8 Km/h)

Dimensions & Weight:

Length*: 125” (3.2 meters)
Width (Maximum at Wheels): 40” (101 cm)
Width (Maximum at Head): 8.5” (22 cm)
Height (Towing Pin on Head)**: 11 – 42” (28 cm – 107 cm)
Height (Lunette Eye)**: 10.5” – 34” (27 cm – 86 cm)
Weight: 600 LBS (272 kg)

*Measured from center of towing pins to center of lunette eye
**Measured with tow bar wheels at maximum extension

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