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215030 Towbar Assembly for A330, A340, A350, B767, B777, DC-10 & MD-11 Aircraft


• Tow bar used for towing & steering aircraft by attaching to aircraft's Nose Landing Gear (NLG) & pulled by tow tractor

o 215030-1/-2/-4 configurations used for towing B767, B777, DC-10, MD-11, A330, A340 & A350 aircraft with Category IV tow fitting (per SAE AS1614)
o 215030-3/-5 configurations used for towing B777 aircraft only
o 215030-6 configuration used for towing A350 aircraft only

• Consists of a cylindrical steel body

o Lunette eye equipped with shock-absorbing mechanism (to reduce shock load on NLG) at one end connects to tow tractor
o Mechanical head assembly at opposite end connects to aircraft NLG

• Mounted on articulating undercarriage with hydraulic pump & retract spring to raise/lower tow bar


• Not to exceed 15 Km/h or 9 MPH when towing aircraft
• Pneumatic tires designed to operate at gauge pressure of 14 psi

Dimensions & Weight:

Length: 130” (330 cm)
Width (maximum at wheels): 41” (86 cm)
Width (at head): 7” (18 cm)
Height (from towing pin on head): 11” – 28” (28 – 71 cm)
Height (from lunette eye): 11” – 43” (28 – 109 cm)
Weight: 480 LBS (approximate)

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