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180059 Hydraulic Shipping Stand for PW4000-112" Engines


• Licensed by Pratt & Whitney for air/truck transport or storage of PW4000-112" engines (used on B777 aircraft)
• Suitable for air shipment (with engine & compatible base) on B747F & C-130 aircraft
• Suitable for ground shipment (with engine & compatible base) via air-ride truck
• Controls vertical positioning of both engine cradle & forward/aft running gear via two (2) hydraulic systems

• Used in conjunction with (click on part number links below to find out more):

o Special Pallet (180086)
o EBU Spacers (180099)
o Engine Cradle (181745)

• Stand controls vertical positioning of both engine cradle as well as forward & aft running gear (wheel, rim, and tires) via two (2) separate hydraulic systems
• Cradle-mounted box stores documents


• Aft tow bar stowed for shipping on integral pins on aft running gear swing arms

o Tow bar swings up from operational position & pinned in place vertically when not in use

• Shipping spacers stowed in normal operational locations between cradle & stand or upper & lower shock mounts
• Maximum towing speed for entire stand (with engine) is 5 MPH (8 Km/h)

Dimensions* & Weight:

• 217.0” (551 cm) Length x 98.0” (250 cm) Width x 28.0” (71 cm) Height / 4,900 LBS (2,223 kg)

*Measured with wheels retracted

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