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114800-1/-2 V2500-A1/A5 Engine Shipping Stand

The Stanley Part Number 114800-1 & -2 Engine Shipping Systems are designed specifically for transportation ground handling and maintenance of IAE V2500-A5 Engines used on the Airbus A319 20 and 21. The 114800-1 is composed of the 114701-1V Stand and the 114802-1 Cradle. The 114800-2 uses the 114802-2 cradle.

The 114701-1V Stand rides on swivel casters. The casters may be mounted at either of two heights. The lower position provides one inch clearance for engine installation and removal and the upper position provides six (6) inches for towing. The casters may be stowed on the stand for shipping. The aft casters are equipped with locking brakes. The mounts for the cradle are shock absorbing. The shock mounts prevent unwanted vibration or shock loads from being transmitted to the engine during handling and shipping. There are twelve (12) tie-down rings located around the stand for convenience in shipping.

The 114802-1 & -2 Cradles provide forward and aft engine mount assemblies. They are intended for low speed (3 MPH [5 KPH] or less) ramp and hanger smooth surface use only and can be used with the engine manufacturer-approved engine slings or bootstrap hoists to install and remove V2500 engines. The cradles are equipped with four (4) pivoting legs that enable them to be used as a shop work stand. The forward and aft engine mounting supports may be removed to facilitate shipping and storage.

The 114802-1 & -2 Cradles utilize a turnbuckle system that absorbs any rotational stress that is placed on the engine. The aft engine mount of the cradles are designed to pivot thereby eliminating stress caused by rotational inertia. Once the engine is placed onto the cradle and secured to the stand the engine can be moved without fear of damage.

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