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110655 Manual Bootstrap System for A300, A300-600 & A310 Aircraft (used with CF6-50, CF6-80, JT9D-7R4 & JT9D-59 Engines)


• Used for bootstrap operations with CF6-50, CF6-80, JT9D-7R4 & JT9D-59 engines used on A300, A300-600 & A310 aircraft
• System connects to engine strut & may be used to raise/lower engine (in cradle) to/from transportation stand or aircraft
• Consists of forward & aft crossbeams with hangers, pulleys, balance cable, forward beam support, two (2) aft & two (2) forward manual hoists as well as three (3) dynamometers
• Includes shipping/storage container (101979-1)

• Following configurations available:

o 110655-1 designed for cradles with 4” x 6” frame rails
o 110655-11 designed for cradles with 5” x 5” frame rails
o 110655-111 combines 110655-1 & 110655-11 assemblies for use with either 4” x 6” or 5” x 5” rails
o 110655-21 similar to 110655-111 configuration but uses alternate hoist
o 110655-31 similar to 110655-1 configuration but uses alternate dynamometer
o 110655-41 similar to 110655-21 configuration but uses alternate dynamometer, no bracket assemblies, & different shipping/storage container
o 110655-51 similar to 110655-11 configuration but no dynamometers are included

Dimensions & Weight:

Width of Aft Beam Assembly: 90” (229 cm)
Width of Forward Beam Assembly: 90” (229 cm)
Thickness of Aft & Forward Beams (excluding connecting parts): 3” (7.6 cm)
Weight*: 700 LBS (318 kg)
*All components packed in shipping/storage container

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