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110505 Shipping Stand for PW2037 Engine

The Stanley Part Number 110505 Engine Shipping Stand is designed specifically for transportation,ground handling, and bootstrapping of PW 2037 Engines used on Boeing 757 aircraft. It is used inconjunction with the 110506 Cradle. The "1 and "701 configurations are basically similar, the major difference being the shape of the rails. The "90 configuration is also similar, with the majordifference being the distance between the rails. The "1 and "701 rails are 88 inches apart andthe "90 rails are 90 inches apart.The 110505 Stand rides on locking swivel casters and shock mounts and is equipped with a tow bar. The casters are shock-absorbing and may be mounted at either of two heights. The lowerposition provides one inch clearance for engine installation and removal, and the upper positionprovides five (5) inches for towing. The casters may be stowed on the stand for shipping. The aftcastors are equipped with locking brakes. The shock mounts prevent unwanted vibration or shockloads from being transmitted in the engine during handling and shipping. The tow bar may beattached to either end of the stand.

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