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102701-1 CF6-50 Engine Cradle

The Stanley CF6-50 Engine Cradle is designed for use with the GE CF6-6D -10 and 50D engines used on the Douglas DC-10 and Airbus A300 and A310 aircraft. The Engine Cradle is composed of the Cradle and Roller Shoe Assemblies. When combined with a shipping stand these components facilitate ground and air transport of these engines.


  • Universal design can be used with a variety of shipping stands.
  • Quick tiedown forward Aft stabilizer and Aft engine mounts with pinned connections.
  • Can be truck shipped as a standard size load.
  • Roller Shoe assemblies are included which allow movement while on the engine stand.

The Cradle Assembly is available in the following configurations:

  • P/N 102701-1 Basic configuration.
  • P/N 102701-1P Basic configuration plus two work platforms.
  • P/N 102701-701 & 705 Can be easily disassembled for convenience in shipping.
  • P/N 102701-701P Can be disassembled plus two work platforms.

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