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World Class Ground Support Equipment

AGSE Engine Transport Stand Products
From regional jet to wide body aircraft, AGSE offers the widest range and most extensive selection of Commercial Aircraft Turbofan Transport Stands. With OEM licensed equipment from AGSE, you have the guarantee of safe and easy transport of your valuable aircraft engines. 

Aviation Industry Licenses
AGSE is a licensee of: Boeing, Engine Alliance, General Electric, IAE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and SNECMA CFMI.

Engine Handling & Storage Equipment
Whether it is for your aircraft hangar, engine shop or line maintenance facilities, AGSE has the product that meets your needs. We offer unique and universal equipment such as Slings, Dollies, Pedestals, Lightweight Stands and Inlet Storage Equipment.

Split Engine & AOG Equipment
AGSE is renowned worldwide for unique Lightweight Stands, Air Transportable AOG Equipment and Split Engine Systems that minimize ground time.  Get your fleet back in the air quickly, safely and economically using your own aircraft instead of the expensive lease
of AOG freighters.

Common Features:
• Elastomer Shock Isolation System Tuned to 7 to 10 Hz
• Shock Absorbing Swivel Lock Caster Systems
• Bootstrappable
• Skydrol Resistant Paint
• Rated For Truck and Air Shipment
• Designed and Tested To Engine OEM Specifications

Special Engine Transport and Handling Stands, Low Profile and Roll-Over Stands:
Roll-Over Systems are an efficient solution that was put into practice when airlines started flying CF6  and PW4000 engines on board Low Profile door  aircraft. This innovative design is characterized by the implementation of a rolling mechanism, which lowers the engines to a minimum profile. This design has found new applications today with the Trent 900 and the GEnx Power Plant. This creative remedy allows you to transport jumbo wide turbofans onboard a B747, saving assembly time in AOG conditions and avoiding the exorbitant cost of leasing a special airlift, such as the An 124.

The same Engine Stand is used to transport the Engine and then install the serviceable Engine in remote site rescue.

Available on Engines:
• CF6-50 /-80A/ -80C2/ -80E1 & GEnx-1B/ -2B
• PW4000, PW4168 & PW4084/ -4090
• Trent 800 & Trent 900
• V2500 - A1/A5
• PW6000

AOG & Lightweight Equipment
From custom designed engine change kits to lightweight engine stands and slings, AGSE has equipment that will cut your AOG time drastically!

Available for most CFMI, GE, IAE, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce engines.

Engine Shop Gantries and Overhaul Equipment
• Engine Production and Overhaul
• Single Bay Gantries
• Multiple Bay Gantries
• Vertical Engine Core Build Stand

AGSE Is a Renowned Tooling Supplier Licensed By
• GE Aircraft Engines
• Boeing

Line Maintenance and Shop Equipment

Universal systems are available for virtually every turbofan and aircraft model
• Engine Dollies
• Engine Pedestals
• Engine Bootstrap Kits
• Inlet Cowl Dollies
• Inlet And Cowl Slings
• T/R Dollies
• Engine Module Containers

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